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Soil Conditioners for Sports & Amenity

Sports Amenity Soil ConditionersSports facilities, including golf courses, football and rugby pitches, bowling greens and racecourses will find these products invaluable.

Sports pitches and golf courses, which have a high sand content in the top soil are prone to nematode attack and groundsmen the world over are always alert for problems. Constant, heavy wear and tear, particularly during the winter months, destroys root systems. The grass does not easily recover from stress, which results in a poor playing surface. Weak root systems are vulnerable to attack from soil pathogens and the battle begins. Prevention is always better and easier than cure and use of either Powhumus®, Biohealth® TH BS or Humicraft® liquid will ensure healthy, robust root systems that are resistant to attack and surfaces that recover after stress more quickly. In addition, these products will reduce the need for expensive watering over the summer and other dry weather periods.


We are currently undertaking further research on these products at the Agriculture, Food and Bio-Sciences Institute in Belfast. All amenity users should contact the office for product advice before purchase.

Which Product is Best for Me?


Powhumus® is the ideal product for new surface establishment and can also be used as a foliar spray throughout the season at low dilution rates on existing grass surfaces.

Biohealth® TH BS

Biohealth® TH BS is used as a prophylactic treatment where nematodes and other plant pathogens are likely to reside. It will not cure already diseased plants. As this is a soil treatment, it is most effective in a re-seed situation, to be used prior to sowing.

Humicraft Liquid Soil Conditioner Sales UK & Ireland

Humicraft® liquid can be used both as a foliar treatment throughout the season and as a soil application. Ideal for use in stressful and drought conditions, this will reduce the need for expensive watering.


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