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When buying garden products, home gardeners increasingly ask the question, “Is this product pet and child friendly?” In the case of Humintech™ products, the answer is a resounding “YES”.

All natural and safe to use, a little goes a long way in the garden and the products can be used not only on the grass, but on vegetables and fruit and flowers too.

We currently have 3 products that are available to both professional and amateur gardeners alike and can be purchased in one kilo bags or one litre bottles, as appropriate. Commercial growers should contact our office for purchases in larger quantities.

Which Product is Best for Me?

Pow Humus ™

Powhumus™ is a granular soil conditioner, which is used to improve soil quality, stimulate root growth and increase the effectiveness of any fertilisers. 10g of Powhumus™ dissolved in 1 litre of water is sufficient to treat 10m2 of soil, or in the preparation of substrate, treat 10kg of soil. The product should be sprayed on the soil and lightly worked in, prior to planting. It is not recommended that this product is sprayed directly on to plants.

BioHealth TH BS®

Biohealth TH BS® is a water soluble granule containing Trichoderma strains and Bacillus Subtilis, combined with humic acids and seaweed. An all natural suppressor of soil borne pathogens, this works as a prophylactic treatment only and will not cure already diseased plants. However, by treating the soil the Bacillus and Trichoderma nourish on root exudates and build up a biological protective barrier against attack by pathogens. Like Powhumus™ this is a soil treatment, with 10g dissolved in 1 litre of water and lightly raked into 10m2 of soil. However, strawberry or any other young plants can be dipped in the solution prior to planting out, boosting resistance. This product should not be used in conjunction with chemical fungicides. If this is the case, then a minimum of ten days must elapse before treatment with Biohealth TH BS®.

Humicraft Liquid Soil Conditioner Sales UK & Ireland
Humicraft Liquid ®

Humicraft® liquid is a mixture of humates from Leonardite, alginates from seaweed and amino acids from hydrolysed protein. A growth stimulant and soil conditioner, this can be applied to both soil and plants and is ideal for healthy fruit and vegetables. The addition of seaweed gives additional stress resistance and helps keep grass lawns and plants healthy with good colour, while amino acids provide additional slow-release nutrients. Standard application rate is a maximum 5 ml / litre to treat 10m2, with treatment up to 4-5 times before flowering. In the case of very young plants, 5 ml should be diluted in 5 litres of water. This will treat up to 50m2. Once established, the stronger solution should be used. Do not use after flowering.

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