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Increase Slurry Fertilisers Efficiency UK Ireland
Feb 24, 2017

Farming Life – Increase Slurry & Fertilisers Efficiency

Increase Slurry Fertilisers Efficiency UK Ireland


Further to our Farming Life newspaper advertisement you can read more about how we can help you.

Powhumus™ is manufactured by Humintech in Germany from “brown coal” or Lignite, using only the highest quality deposits, which is called Leonardite. This contains high fractions of humic and fulvic acids. It is these acids which are used in the manufacture of PowhumusTM and other products and which stimulate crop and plant growth.

The Germans have a long history of using these products but they are only recently coming to the attention of farmers in the UK and Ireland and this is seen as a growth area for agriculture. ADAS in England recently published a review and are currently conducting their own research.

Powhumus™ is not a fertiliser, but an additive which makes fertilisers and slurry more efficient. Farmers are being targeted more than ever by environmental legislation and there is a need to cut inputs as a result. More efficient use of slurry nutrients will allow farmers to cut applications of chemical fertiliser to make target yields, saving money and meeting environmental targets as well.

Powhumus™ is an all natural bio stimulant and soil conditioner, a 100% water soluble granule that can be added to slurry or applied separately as a solution. No more than 10kg/ha/annum should be applied, ideally as 2 x 5kg applications or 3 x 3kg applications for best results, each time you put out slurry. 200g of PowhumusTM should be added to each cubic metre of slurry. The effects of applications are cumulative with long term benefits to soil health and fertility.

What does Powhumus™ do? Powhumus™ has been proven worldwide to have the following effect on crops:

  • Increased growth and yields
  • Increased efficiency of slurry and fertilisers, reducing losses through leaching and volatilisation
  • Improved crop quality – higher 1000 grain weight in cereals
  • Restoration of damaged crops
  • Increased ability to withstand stress
  • Increased disease resistance and general crop hardiness
  • Increased efficiency of fungicides and insecticides
  • Early spring growth – reduces the effects of low temperature and temperature fluctuations
  • Steady growth throughout the growing season
  • On newly sown crops:
  • Increased germination rates
  • Increased rooting which increases the absorption of nutrients, making your fertiliser and slurry more efficient
  • Increased early foliage
  • Especially useful for maize growers, as it activates early germination and growth at lower temperatures

Powhumus™ is also an excellent product to use as a clean up after certain chemicals such as glyphosates, reducing toxic residues and can be applied as a foliar treatment (at a low dose) with non-organic chemicals to increase their efficacy.

We are currently conducting research with a number of partners including Agri-Food and Bio- sciences Institute in Belfast with particular emphasis on disease resistance. We also working with Linton and Robinson, Slurry system specialists, on how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from slurry and increase the percentage of available nutrients.


Susan Wilson - Soil ScientistSUSAN WILSON (Soil Scientist)

Susan Wilson holds a B.Sc. (Honours) in Soil Science from the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne. She is also a FACTS qualified adviser (Fertiliser Advisers Certification Training Scheme) and a member of the International Fertiliser Society. Find out more about Susan.

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