Soil Conditioners – FAQs

I have young children and pets. Is it safe to use around them?
Yes, Humintech™ products are all natural and non toxic.

I like to keep my garden as natural and “organic” as possible. Are these products “organic”?
The products are totally natural, but are not approved for use by the regulating organic producers associations in the UK and Ireland. It is hoped that this will change in the future.

Can I use instead of my regular fertiliser?
No. These products contain minor amounts of nutrients, but are not considered replacements for normal fertilisers. Plants should always receive the recommended amounts of nutrients and by using our products, your flowers and vegetables will use any applied fertilisers more efficiently and show more vigorous growth.

Can I use Biohealth® TH BS if I have already applied chemical fungicides?
Yes, however, you must wait a minimum of 10 days before applying to the soil. Please note this will not cure already diseased plants, but will prevent any further spread of disease.

Is it easy to use?
Yes. Dilute as per instructions and spray, or apply by watering can with fine nozzle. Products can also be used in watering systems.

Can I use it on all plants?
Yes. However, application rates and timing will depend on the particular plant. For instance, any flowering plant should be treated before flowering and grass can be treated throughout the growing season. Label instructions will advise on the correct use.

If any of these products get into the water supply, is there any danger?
No. Indeed, these products will clean any contaminated water supplies by locking up toxic molecules.

Who do I direct questions to at your company?
Please fill in our contact form online, or call us on: 0141 530 2301 (Scotland) or 028 Louise – please can you supply phone numbers?


In order for us to make sure you get our best price and more importantly the correct product for your requirements, we need to get speaking to you. Request a callback or get in touch by phone.

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