Soil Conditioners for Environmental Sector

Humic acids are hugely important in the environmental sector. By reducing leaching, they prevent the loss of toxic nitrates to water sources and by reducing volatilisation, they reduce greenhouse gas emissions, notably nitrous oxide which is a bi-product of soil denitrification. When used as oil conditioners, improved soil structure reduces erosion and saline soils are returned to productivity. On an industrial scale, humic acids are used in soil decontamination and bioremediation and in the treatment of waste disposal and waste water.

Humic acids are non toxic and biodegrade slowly. They have excellent fixation and adsorption properties for both organic and inorganic pollutants in the soil and will reduce the effects of harmful residues from farm chemicals. It has been noted with some alarm that glycophosphate residues from weedkillers are now being found in the food chain and on-farm use of humic acid soil conditioners, such as Powhumus, will prevent this happening by immobilising residues in the soil.

Eroded soils benefit from the application of humic acids to repair their damaged soil structure, providing an optimum environment for new plant growth. In saline (sodic) soils, humic acids fix both the [positive] cations and [negative] anions, so that crops can grow well in an organic deficient environment. Saline soils around the coasts and estuaries of the UK tend to be valued as nature reserves and some are Sites of Special Scientific Interest, therefore treatment of saline soils is confined to overseas, where there is a shortage of fertile land.

Landfill remediation is a big industry in the United Kingdom, and humic acid products can be used to fix heavy metals and other toxic ions, so that they are not released for plant uptake.

Humintech™ has a range of specialist products suitable for landfill use, which are available on special order. If you wish to know more about these products, please contact the Neotech-Agri Ltd. office.

Which Product is Best for Me?

Pow Humus®

Powhumus® should be used where any kind of contamination is suspected from overuse of chemicals such as glycophosphates.


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