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Humic Acid based Soil Conditioners, Bio Stimulators and Natural Fertilisers

Which Product is Best for Me?

Pow Humus (soil conditioner and growth stimulant)

100% water soluble granule This is the best product for generic use on the farm and can be mixed with slurry to increase silage and grass yields. Treatment before sowing of any spring or winter crops will ensure increased yields and crop vigour. A versatile product that can also be used as a seed treatment to increase germination rates.

BioHealth TH BS (suppressor of soil borne pathogens)

A humic acid with seaweed water soluble granule specially formulated with Trichoderma strains and Bacillus Subtilis. Ideal for field vegetable growers where soils are prone to nematode attacks. By treating soil prior to planting or using as a seed treatment, BioHealth TH BS protects your crops from pathogen attack. If a chemical pesticide has been used, then a minimum of ten days must pass before treatment. This is a prophylactic treatment only and will not cure already diseased crops.

Fulvital Plus (micro nutrient deficiency corrector)

A liquid fulvic acid with added trace elements. Fulvic acid is lighter than humic acid and therefore suitable for foliar application. This contains added iron, zinc, manganese and copper and provides benefits that conventional, synthetic trace element mixes do not (increased vitality, increased penetration of trace elements etc.). It can be used to correct soil deficiencies before planting or it can be used as a foliar spray on cereals and field vegetables. To avoid multiple spraying, it can be mixed with fungicides.

Humicraft Liquid Soil Conditioner Sales UK & Ireland
Humicraft Liquid (soil conditioner)

A liquid humic acid with added seaweed and amino acids, this is a good product for vegetable growers, especially in dry summers when crops are subject to stress.


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